This Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute for motivated high-school students aims to:

First, optimize the way students learn, study, and process information

  • Gain practical skills by training with experts on cutting edge research techniques 
  • Training is based on a set of studies at UCSF, UC Berkeley, and Stanford that had impressive results in improving the cognitive performance of university students

Second, learn the science behind cognitive training

  • Scientists will teach you research fundamentals, experimental design, and how to read and digest scientific publications
  • Experience lab tours and research method demos (fMRI, EEG, Virtual Reality)
  • Opportunity to take a comprehensive neurocognitive assessment (typically only available in a hospital or research lab). 

The program features scientists, instructors, and authors with leading expertise in topics such as accelerated learning, focus training, productivity tools, memory hacks, sleep optimization, and test-taking strategies.